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Friday, July 7th, 2006
4:20 pm
The Member List Enema

Anyone that's reading this, you might want to pay attention...

It's been decided that we are going to give the member list a flush. Amoung those that are staying, until further notice are:

-Julewooster with IC!Tsuzuki
-Merigold with OOC!Hisoka
-Taka with OOC!Wakaba
-Mars with IC!Hisoka
-C.A. with IC!Tatsumi
-Myself with IC!Watari

If you want to join again under you own character, you may reapply. If you want to join again under another character, go for it. If you are on the above list and you don't want to play anymore, leave a comment on this post. If you are on the above list and do not participate within the next couple of weeks (with the exception of merigold, who created this community) you will have your character forfeited.

After I post this, I am going to be flushing out the member list of players. After that, I will be advertising in communities for players. I think there's been more than enough time to respond to previous community related reactivity notices, so I expect no complaints. It's been almost a year.

Thanks for your time!

-shokan_polymath ]

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
12:40 pm
Today has been rather uneventful. I have clearances to gain, so that means I have to travel out of here before everything closes down. I took a shower with 003-chan. She's still preening her wet feathers. I hate making her wake up early, but I think we both needed a good shower. She has the rest of the time to fly around here and watch out the lab windows. I need to get her more food. It makes it much easier that she likes fish. I don't think I want to get her any mice again. Not after she coughed the skeleton and fur up on Tatsumi-san's desk, mucus and all. Not as though anyone else has a problem feeding her, though. I'm glad she flies rather than sitting around, or she'd weigh too much to fly.

I've been able to get several electronic parts together. I have a small blue print laid out. I just have to get on getting more wire and go about soldering them to the parts. I got one of the cold heat soldering tools. Because Tatsumi-san had a fit that I accidentally melted a couple of important things to the lab table, setting the old one aside to get the other wires in order. I should probably sweep the lab floor a little. 003-chan has also been molting a little bit, it seems. I keep finding owl feathers all about. I suppose it's about time I get back to work.

Obon is coming up next month, by the way. For anyone who has forgotten. ^^


Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
9:10 pm

Is anyone out there? I know it was up to me, this past fall, to try to get the community active again. I failed miserably. I'm finding myself more and more bored and I hate seeing this place so QUIET. Especially for so long. Are there any survivors? Is anyone alive? ^o^ Heeey!! *echoechoecho* Oh my. o.o;

I wanna try again! But I need to poke a few people and wake them up and some of these people just aren't around anymore. ;_; Do we have to replace people? I don't wanna throw anyone out :(

Grahhhh... anyways... I know ooc!Wakaba is still around. Someone please give me a tag to show you still exist. x_x I have to become a quasi-stalker. If I can't get a hold of you, I'm afraid you shall BE DOOMED! Because if I can't find ya, then I gotta replace ya.

If anyone wants to quit, probably a good idea to do right now. Inform one of us first, please? ^^; Don't make me give you all mouth to mouth. I have 2 months of my non-student existence to go. I wanna see what we can do.

Phoenix time! ^o^


-Your IC!Watari ]

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
4:00 pm

I apologise for my, thus far, pathetic attempt at reviving the community. More energy will be put into trying to get things up and running, soon. I'd have tried harder, but recently things have been pretty complicated. Like... I was depressed and stopped eating and talking for a few days, I got into a fist fight with my fiances parents and got banished from their house, had a dentists appointment the next day and had to get a root canal, then after that (today) I got fired from my job because I told my new boss, after a couple of months now that he is childish, needs to grow up, he's two-faced, and a terrible person.

I'm now looking for a new job. You'd suppose that after those last couple of things I'd be back to not eating or talking again, but I'm actually quite thrilled. I got to say what has been stored up for 4.5 years to my sweetys parents, the root canal didn't hurt but I still got pills for it, and I HATED my job and feel so much better that I never have to see that place again.

But again, as you can see, I do have a plausible excuse for my apparent disappearance concerning reviving the role play here. All will be resolved within the next couple of weeks. I can't make any time-wise promises except for perhaps 2 weeks because I already have an interview for thursday and more applications to fill out, and pretty soon testing for school will be coming up. Luckily it will be months before I start nursing school.

Again, apologies for the delay. It won't last and I am NOT giving up. Hope everyone is having a good month so far. If not, I wish you better luck. (December seems like a very unlucky month for many people.) I'll be talking to you all when this is resolved. Thanks for your patience!!!


Current Mood: excited
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
2:15 pm
It's been frighteningly quiet around here, lately. Do you ever have the weird feeling that you just might be the last man standing? >>

[OOC: I'm going to probably start harassing a few people, soon. We really need to get active, again, we're dying. Or, as I suspect, already dead. HAH... omg that works two ways! TWO WAYS. ... sorry. XD]

Current Mood: alone
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
4:30 pm

I have changed my AIM name. If anyone wants the new one, just leave a comment. There was an incident this morning where someone IMed me being obnoxious and I realize "Wow, I have a lot of annoying people that like to treat me like crap an act like psychopaths! Let's escape!" So, yeah, if you want it, you're gonna have to comment. merigold, if you want it posted under characters aim contact, you can.

p.s. The sudden inactivity is startling.]

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
9:50 pm
Just a friendly reminder: Tomorrow is keiro no hi (respect for the aged day). Looks like a holiday we're not only great at, but also terrible failures at all at once. ^.^

Friday is shubun no hi (Autumn Equinox Day): National holiday! ^.^ This means there will be family grave visitations all week. On the 23rd, day and night will be of even times. Thereafter, night will get longer and longer. Don't you just love the change of the seasons?

That's all until October. Tonight, at this moment, however, it is otsukimi. (Moon viewing.) This is the first (and only) full moon of this month! For those who live(d) in the country, this means a small celebration to give thanks for the harvest year. However in some places, it's just 1 day past the full moon.

So now you've all been reminded of the holidays. (So many in one weeks time!) Enjoy, everyone!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
10:25 pm
I just looked up the labs spending account in order to make ordering the glue boards easier. ... I don't recall it being this low. In fact, I swear that it was just last month that it was settled at a level total. How did...



That snake!

(ATTN!: IC!Tatsumi)

*clicks the send button on the order and heads directly out of the lab and right to Tatsumi's office, entering the office looking 1/3-angry, 1/3-confused, 1/3-X (solve for x), a flurry of labcoat, blonde hair, and a complimentary little owl*

"You! What's the big idea of lowering the lab funding?!"

Current Mood: irate
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
10:57 am
ATTN IC!Tsuzuki
We have a problem o.o;

Current Mood: guilty
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
1:10 am
Well... that was fun for a little while. I think I like being my age better than 12 again. -.-;

Hopefully, despite all the strange things that have happened, you all remember it's time to prepare for Obon in a lot of places in Japan. (Like Kyoto, for an example!) Just 5 days away (well, for the main travel times anyways). Can we have visitation rights, Tatsumi-san? ^.^ Please??

I'm excited. ^.^

((OOC: For anyone who is confused or curious: Here's a Page.))

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
10:25 am
This seems really familiar. Only Tsuzuki and I are a little older than last time. It wasn't me this time, either! (I'm getting blamed for everything, anymore!) Not that I don't deserve the suspicion. My clothes are a little baggy. Well, to the point of it being really obvious, but I think I can work through it. Bodysuits fit form anyways, so while in the lab I can wear that and the labcoat, considering labcoats always give enough room to move, regardless of age.

At least I don't have a problem with the size of my underwear considering I don't normally wear any.

I've finished my tea, now I'm going to get some coffee. ... I hope I can reach far enough across the counter. It's not easy being 12!!

Edit: NO. MORE. COFFEE!!! GROSS!!!! UHG! I want soda. T_T

Current Mood: indescribable
Friday, July 29th, 2005
12:25 pm
::Tatsumi RP double Whammy *snerk*::
((OOC: Poor Tatsumi, you can't ever be left alone!))

*coming into the breakroom a bit earlier than usual, he tries to wake up better. It was another night spent sleeping in the lab after cleaning up the mess he'd made. 003 was already awake, given she had fallen asleep long before he had. He carefully tucks a small vial into his labcoat pocket keeping a keen eye out for anyone, well someone, that might have just arrived. Producing a ribbon from his pocket he ties his hair up before making tea, smiling and talking quietly to 003 as the water boils*

"I hope what I made works. I'd like to test it first but, this will just have to be a shot in the dark. I just hope that Tatsumi's double doesn't come in and throw us off." *he pauses a moment* "Zero Zero Three? ... Where's my double? I haven't seen him, lately. He hasn't been bringing you boy owl presents, has he?" *blinks at her*

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
5:40 am
AAAS charges too much for their membership information. Not that it doesn't go to a good use, but... their membership isn't for the faint of pay. But that's okay, it's never long before some other media source takes and publishes findings. Like nanoshells. :3 But this article title about the changing colors of parrots has me curious. But ¥15,509???

*holds 003 and strokes her feathers while looking over some notes on the counter* But speaking of money, I've got an idea on how to get a couple extra yen for the food budget out on the field from now on. ^.^ This might take the whole day, but it will be worth it, in the end.

Oh! And I found something I'd expect to see in Tsuzuki's shower: Philosophy 3 in 1

At least it wasn't a bad idea. They have sugar cookie, too. They also have a topical pheromone. (Don't ask me how I found this.) Time to get to work. *sets 003 down and rolls up his sleeves* This has to be one of the best ideas yet!

Oh! Tatsumi-san, if you end up visiting the lab sometime today, be very careful to make your presence known. Remember what happened last time?

Current Mood: busy
Monday, July 25th, 2005
12:10 am
I've returned back to the lab and out of Tokyo. There aren't any leads, no information, everyone seems absolutely clueless.

Just so save us time, I figured I'd type out the report right here and Tatsumi-san, I assume you know how to print the report since I showed you where the print button is. You could copy and paste the information onto a pre-made document. Please don't make me write this by hand. T_T

Field ReportCollapse )

Tatsumi-san, if you'll kindly print that out, I'll have no trouble signing it the next time you come in to complain about the smell of smoke and the annoying sound of the smoke detector that we ironically keep outside of the laboratory's door in the hallway. (We need to move that thing. I'm sick of turning it off when I have to vent the lab, because of the loud beeping noise.) Last time it almost woke Tsuzuki up while he was sleeping on his desk. That says something.

It's nice to be back!! I think 003 would probably agree. What kind of food budget was that, anyways? You located me in Tokyo! How far do you think yen goes in that place?? Nevermind that I was able to afford chocolate cake anyways. Were you trying to starve us, Tatsumi-san? x_x

((OOC: All apologies to OOC!Wakaba. I didn't know. I still don't know what's going on. *points to question mark above head* But next time we'll speak of this on AIM or YIM. I'm calling you, if you ignore me. I will find out what happened. And all apologies to everyone else in the community for this. I won't be bringing it up again and hopefully OOC!Wakaba will return to post again? I'm not getting my hopes up, but I do apologise and I'm also sorry for lack of posting, once more. With all of that said and done, I hope everyone has a good night/morning/day/evening/whateveryou'rehaving. Huzzuh...!))

Current Mood: tired
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
6:15 am

Just something for Oriya:

An icon I just made. ♥♥

Sorry for the long pauses and inconsistancy. Been chasing my tail in a corner somewhere and subjecting unsuspecting victims to wonka cakes trying to test the theory that they're making people sick.

I'll try to do better in the near future. ^^ ))

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
3:45 am
So apparently everyone is back to normal! (It's sort of uncomfortable waking up like that, considering I wasn't wearing men's clothing. -.-;;) I don't know what caused this, I don't know what fixed it, but I think I want to work even harder on the sex change potion! -*renewed resolve*-

And contrary to popular belief, I wasn't behind this. I almost wished I was, it wouldn't have ended so soon. I was just starting to have fun!

And Tatsumi had some rather nice breasts.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end! ^_^

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
12:20 am
To Tatsumi-san: Yes, this is widespread, it seems. Can I stay longer to help investigate further? ^^;


I'd like to add that multiple orgasm is personally impressive. It really IS different! Very! I like it. ^^

Current Mood: happy
Monday, July 11th, 2005
2:10 pm
Found them! That was easy.

Tsuzuki! I got us friendship bracelets! Aren't they cute??? And we have chocolate cake! ^.^ Do you two want some? It looks really good!

Oh! And besides that, what have you found out so far? *looks to Hisoka considering (s)he's the one normally paying most attention to what they're doing*


You have no idea how much fun it is going shopping, I know why girls do it so often! You have to see what I got from this little lingerie shop!

Current Mood: excited
2:40 am
I get to go look for Tsuzuki and bon and see what they have, so far. There are a couple of things I've learned:

1.) 36C and size 5
2.) There are bras that unsnap from the front and panties that unzip!
3.) There are two kinds of bras: underwire and soft.
4.) The eternal question: cotton, satin, silk, or lace?
5.) Second eternal question: bikini, brief, gstring, thong, boyshorts, lowrise, hipsters, or thongs? (What selection! Before it was "Boxers? Briefs? Boxer briefs?")
6.) More choices: pink, white, green, red, yellow, grey, pastels, orange, aqua, black, purple, patterned, print? (Briefs are either white or brown or black, red or green. Boxers are mostly print. Boxer briefs tag along with the brief colors. How did we miss out on all of these options?)
7.) Do not fear less reinforced elastic bands... because there's nothing there to fall out if your underwear shifts lower.
8.) Peeing is an ultimately changed concept
9.) Makeup? Everything looks intimidating. I picked up red lipstick, Yuma? Saya? Is that the right color? Or is it pink? Or purple? o.o?
10.) Air seriously gets places it shouldn't. Ever. EVER.
11.) Emotional anarchy.
12.) Chocolate.
13.) The sudden desire to "squeal" when watching Tokyo Mew Mew and Hamtaro
14.) Shoes... shoes come in more than just boots, dress shoes, and sneakers. And most come in impossible to stand in heels. My arms still hurt from falling. -.-
15.) The joys of hair clips

I really should get on with this, though. Tatsumi-san will kill me if he realizes I was shopping since I got here. And I found something really cute! I can't wait to show Tsuzuki!! ^.^

*pets 003 who has been accompanying her on this trip, smiling brightly* Don't worry. Maybe you'll meet a nice girl owl while we're out! ... I never thought I'd be saying that to you. :o

Oh! Chocolate cake! Tsuzuki and bon and I are going to eat a little piece of heaven, today!

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:25 am
To 003's double: I have a feeling you won't have to worry about your owners lover for right now.

To Yuma-chan: I'll get those pictures back. :-Þ

To My Tsuzuki: I left half of this months first pay on your desk. And an apple pie. I made it myself. ^.^

I went out and got a dress. It was weird. And it's hard to do things when you keep forgetting your center of gravity has changed. You know the old proven experiment of a man putting his head against a wall and trying to pick a chair up, and then having a woman do it? I'm most definately taking notes on this! I've wanted to be able to do this for so long! Too bad Tatsumi is probably a girl, now, too. ... I wonder what HE looks like with breasts. Tatsumi is probably still going to kill me. ^^;

This means I have twice as much work as I did before. I still haven't found out why there are doubles everywhere and now I have to find out what happened. But you know, if I did have that gender changing potion? We'd already have this fixed. *stops to think a moment* ... Terazuma? ... A girl? I have to see this!

Current Mood: amused
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