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I've returned back to the lab and out of Tokyo. There aren't any leads, no information, everyone seems absolutely clueless.

Just so save us time, I figured I'd type out the report right here and Tatsumi-san, I assume you know how to print the report since I showed you where the print button is. You could copy and paste the information onto a pre-made document. Please don't make me write this by hand. T_T

Name: Yutaka Watari
Dates Covered: 7/10 - 7/25
Reason For Field Placement: To discover if what has been occuring in Meifu* has occured on Earth, as well. Also assigned to duty to find a way to resolve the complications indicated in the statement previous to this one.
*There seems to be two of everyone. For a period of time, everyones gender seems to have changed.
Field Report: Upon my arrival on Earth (Tokyo, Japan), I sought out Asato Tsuzuki and Kurosaki Hisoka, who were also assigned to field work for the same reasons as listed above. As I was about finding them at the proper location, I discovered in several stores that there were, indeed, doubles of everyone. However, whether or not any of them had changed gender was not easily understood. I eventually found Tsuzuki-san and Hisoka-san and we exchanged information after having some chocolate cake. The results upon the gender switching occuring was inconclusive and seeing as we decided upon it being incredibly rude to ask people if they were really a man or woman, we kept it at that. However, that there were clones, there was no doubt. After much studying and even past the field dismisal of Tsuzuki-san and Hisoka-san, there were no leads as to the cause of any of the inflictions. Not long after, did everyone change back to their original forms, it seems the clones are still about.
Reason for Field Dismisal: No official dismisal granted by Konoe-kachou or Seiichirou Tatsumi-san, but lack of information and reasonless stays in Tokyo seemed a waste of my time and the bureau's money. It seemed like the only logical choice was to return, despite official dismisal.

Tatsumi-san, if you'll kindly print that out, I'll have no trouble signing it the next time you come in to complain about the smell of smoke and the annoying sound of the smoke detector that we ironically keep outside of the laboratory's door in the hallway. (We need to move that thing. I'm sick of turning it off when I have to vent the lab, because of the loud beeping noise.) Last time it almost woke Tsuzuki up while he was sleeping on his desk. That says something.

It's nice to be back!! I think 003 would probably agree. What kind of food budget was that, anyways? You located me in Tokyo! How far do you think yen goes in that place?? Nevermind that I was able to afford chocolate cake anyways. Were you trying to starve us, Tatsumi-san? x_x

((OOC: All apologies to OOC!Wakaba. I didn't know. I still don't know what's going on. *points to question mark above head* But next time we'll speak of this on AIM or YIM. I'm calling you, if you ignore me. I will find out what happened. And all apologies to everyone else in the community for this. I won't be bringing it up again and hopefully OOC!Wakaba will return to post again? I'm not getting my hopes up, but I do apologise and I'm also sorry for lack of posting, once more. With all of that said and done, I hope everyone has a good night/morning/day/evening/whateveryou'rehaving. Huzzuh...!))
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