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Today has been rather uneventful. I have clearances to gain, so that means I have to travel out of here before everything closes down. I took a shower with 003-chan. She's still preening her wet feathers. I hate making her wake up early, but I think we both needed a good shower. She has the rest of the time to fly around here and watch out the lab windows. I need to get her more food. It makes it much easier that she likes fish. I don't think I want to get her any mice again. Not after she coughed the skeleton and fur up on Tatsumi-san's desk, mucus and all. Not as though anyone else has a problem feeding her, though. I'm glad she flies rather than sitting around, or she'd weigh too much to fly.

I've been able to get several electronic parts together. I have a small blue print laid out. I just have to get on getting more wire and go about soldering them to the parts. I got one of the cold heat soldering tools. Because Tatsumi-san had a fit that I accidentally melted a couple of important things to the lab table, setting the old one aside to get the other wires in order. I should probably sweep the lab floor a little. 003-chan has also been molting a little bit, it seems. I keep finding owl feathers all about. I suppose it's about time I get back to work.

Obon is coming up next month, by the way. For anyone who has forgotten. ^^

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