Watari (shokan_polymath) wrote,

The Member List Enema


Anyone that's reading this, you might want to pay attention...

It's been decided that we are going to give the member list a flush. Amoung those that are staying, until further notice are:

-Julewooster with IC!Tsuzuki
-Merigold with OOC!Hisoka
-Taka with OOC!Wakaba
-Mars with IC!Hisoka
-C.A. with IC!Tatsumi
-Myself with IC!Watari

If you want to join again under you own character, you may reapply. If you want to join again under another character, go for it. If you are on the above list and you don't want to play anymore, leave a comment on this post. If you are on the above list and do not participate within the next couple of weeks (with the exception of merigold, who created this community) you will have your character forfeited.

After I post this, I am going to be flushing out the member list of players. After that, I will be advertising in communities for players. I think there's been more than enough time to respond to previous community related reactivity notices, so I expect no complaints. It's been almost a year.

Thanks for your time!

-shokan_polymath ]
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